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Where have I been—Vacation Edition!

It has been a few crazy weeks (including some super lazy time that did not lend itself to computering). I am definitely behind on writing What I Ate Wednesday posts and on posting recipes, but I’m back :)! I used Memorial Day weekend as one of those really rare “do nothing” weekends. My girlfriend visits her family once or twice a year, and when she goes out of town, I turn into a total hermit. Over Memorial Day weekend I read an entire book from the Game of Thrones series…which is about 1000 pages! I literally read for 16 hours one day. It was the most amazing thing ever. I’ve made it to the 5th book in the series, and I’m not really sure what I will do with myself once I finish…maybe clean my apartment? (hahaha)

After a relaxing Memorial Day, I had three crazy days of work and then my real vacation, which also involved a lot of sitting and reading….this is probably why my girlfriend and I get along so well. We took a little road trip to Atlanta, so today’s post is a little photo collection of our trip 🙂

Before we even hit Georgia, the cast iron factory outlet was our first stop. You can buyed “damaged” (read: barely scratched) products for a discount, so we added a dutch oven and a new 12-inch skillet to our cast iron collection.

Cast iron factory outlet??? Heck yeah!

Cast iron factory outlet??? Heck yeah!

Our main reason for going to Atlanta was for the Fall Out Boy concert, and we even got an autograph after.

2013-06-02 23.38.12

squee! Pete Wentz!

I was also really excited about visiting the aquarium. I think I could sit and stare at fish all day. One of my favorite animals to see were these asian otters. They are like tiny cat versions of regular otters!

2013-06-03 14.48.12

These jellyfish were also pretty cool. They phosphoresce the color of the light that is shining.

2013-06-03 15.27.532013-06-03 15.28.232013-06-03 15.28.35

And, what is a vacation without food? Well, I would usually say that not eating out on vacation is pretty typical for us. However, Atlanta has Ted’s Montana Grill. This restaurant is brilliant with handling food allergies, and any restaurant that serves bison steak is on my list of places to eat. I actually ate the same thing all three times we went there (wedge salad, bison steak, asparagus, and baked potato), but it was so delicious and the wait staff even made sure to only offer desserts that we could both eat.

2013-06-03 18.53.11

holy crazy yum, batman!

I ended my vacation week by making another short drive to see my niece’s dance recital. She was super adorable, but this pic is the one that really sums up her personality.

2013-06-08 21.26.41

And now, back to work! Having an entire week off was definitely necessary for a little battery recharge. I hope everyone is having a good start to summer. Any fun vacation plans out there?


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WIAW – May 22 and some Weekend Highlights

I spent all day Monday driving across the ever-interesting state of Illinois and missed getting in a “Weekend Highlights” post, but because I am also a bad food photographer, I only have one photo for my WIAW…so yay for combined posts!

We had a long weekend of fun and driving, which meant some comfy I-swear-I’m-really-an-adult clothes.

photo 1 (2)

And, here is my sad attempt at taking a picture from the…..FALL OUT BOY CONCERT!!!

photo 2 (2)

For my one food photo, I managed to grab a picture of lunch which was ground bison with veggies (asparagus, butternut squash, onions, and brussels sprouts).

photo 3 (2)

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WIAW – May 15

I feel like I spent my entire day running in circles, when I really just sat in a cubicle all day. My poor adrenal glands…

Breakfast: I am still obsessed with beef liver pate, plantain crackers, kombucha, and brussels sprouts.

photo 1 (1)

Grabbed a banana for a snack, followed by this huge salad for lunch.

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)

Afternoon snack: delicious Kind bar. Not a bad flavor, but not really my favorite thing to snack on.

photo 4 (1)

Dinner: bison burger with mushrooms over arugula with zucchini and yellow squash. Amazing.

photo 5

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Recipe Post: Butternut Squash Lasagna

I have been holding on to the post for a VERY long time. Typing up the recipe has been on my to-do list for at least two months :-/ oops. This was a staple for us during the colder weather. It is a rich and filling gluten- and grain-free lasagna. I am thinking about trying to make it in my crockpot to see if it can become a very hands-off recipe (minus the preparation, of course).

**Want a meatless version? Omit the ground meat and substitute another 20-30 white or baby bella mushrooms (or others, shitake mushrooms are delish)


  • 1 lb ground meat of your choice. We used turkey, but this would be delicious with beef, bison, or lamb.
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • garlic: 2 tsp diced
  • 10-12 baby bella mushrooms, diced or sliced
  • 1 medium onion diced, yellow or red
  • 1 large carrot, shredded or diced
  • 2 tomatoes diced (or a can of stewed or diced tomatoes)
  • 1 large butternut squash (or the necks from 2 squashes), sliced. You can use a mandoline to achieve more noodle-like slices. We stick with the half-circle pieces.
  • at least one large jar of tomato/pasta sauce. We like saucy lasagna, so we used between 1.25 and 1.5 jars
  • nutritional yeast-as much as needed for layering
  • Seasoning: red pepper, basil, oregano, paprika, parsley, thyme
  • optional: drizzle of honey


Meat Sauce-

  • Heat the coconut oil in a large skillet, and add the ground meat.
  • When the meat is approximately half cooked, add the garlic, diced onion, and diced or shredded carrots.
  • Once the onions and carrots begin to soften, add the diced mushrooms.
  • When the meat is fully cooked, add the diced tomatoes and 3/4 of one jar of sauce to the pan. Season to your liking with red pepper, basil, oregano, paprika, parsley, and time. Taste as you go (because the meat is now cooked)!
  • If you like, you can add a drizzle of honey to cut the acidity of the sauce.



  • In a 9×13 pan, start with a layer of sauce.
  • Place the sliced butternut squash on top of the sauce in any formation that will cover the whole pan. I cut up some of the half-circles to lay down in the empty holes that appeared.
  • Next, layer the meat sauce.
  • Sprinkle nutritional yeast over the meat.
  • Layer squash, meat sauce, and nutritional yeast until the pan is nearly full. I usually get a total of two meat sauce layers.
  • Top with squash, plain tomato sauce, and nutritional yeast.
  • Cover with foil.



  • Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes. The lasagna is ready when you can easily pierce the squash with a fork.
  • Let cool for a few minutes before serving if you would like the pieces to hold together. Otherwise, be careful, but dig in 🙂


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WIAW – May 8

Wednesday breakfast this week: beef liver pate (OMG YUM), plantain crackers, shredded brussels sprouts with coconut oil with salt and pepper, and a little kombucha.

photo 1

Lunch: I barely remembered to get a picture. I had a salad with tons of veggies and chicken.

photo 3

Snacks: Two cuties and a banana.

photo 2

Dinner: Sauerkraut with caramelized onions, chicken sausages, broccoli, and mustard.

photo 4


Supplements today: magnesium, zinc, chromium, taurine, b-100 complex.