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Real Food Bryn moved to

Howdy to the awesome people that still stumble across this little slice of my life. I’m going to leave it up to preserve the parts of my journey that are documented here.

For future updates, head over to It is the home base for my new health coaching business and a new set of recipes for anyone looking 🙂 Come visit me!

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WIAW – August 7

Sorry for the missed week, guys. It has been super crazy town around these parts. I am getting ready to travel for another work trip, and I seem to keep eating things I am allergic too 😦 and I don’t know what they are 😦 including today 😦 😦

Breakfast today was some leftover veggies with barbecue beef and a side of bacon 🙂


Crazy town led us to Chipotle for lunch. I had a barbacoa taco salad. It was super delish, but I tried the salad dressing for the first time today, and it did not agree with my insides 😦 I am extra sad because it was really good salad dressing.


Dinner was steak with asparagus and broccoli… Super yum