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Health update and internet find


My kind of work out from

The internet found the perfect workout for me! I’m gonna be ripped.

Today was my visit to the GI doctor. It was a short visit, but since I have effectively corrected my digestive issues with my diet, there wasn’t anything to troubleshoot. He did order a genetic test to see if I have celiac disease. However, if that comes back negative, then my diagnosis is gluten sensitivity. The treatment in both cases is to continue with a gluten-free diet, and, in my case, grain free until I decide to reintroduce some as an experiment. I’m really curious to see how the test results come out.


4 thoughts on “Health update and internet find

  1. Good luck with the test. Do you have an
    spasmodic GI tract also? Aloe Vera is excellent for southing the bowel, as well as peppermint, though I imagine you have tried this. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve read in a few different sources that the celiac test is not always reliable; but I don’t know the percentage of failure. Just something to be aware of/look into, I suppose, though it won’t really change your protocol. So glad to hear you’re doing well.

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