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Weekend Highlights: Coffee, Snow, and French Fries

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It was a typical busy weekend for us, but I grabbed some photos of the highlights to share.

coffee. always coffee.

coffee. always coffee.

We also made a quick stop by the Farmer’s market on Saturday morning. I love our local market. They always have a decent selection and loads of friendly people. The one thing I wish is that there was a farmer’s market open on Sunday. I realize that would be hard to come by in the midwest, but I’m just never ready to do my shopping until Sunday.



And then it snowed! We got about 5-6 inches in a 2-hour span on Saturday night. The weather forecast was for a “chance of snow,” and I guess that, technically, they were right. It is already starting to melt, so I’m sure it won’t be around for much longer.

where did that come from?

where did that come from?

Today was my “cheat day,” so we headed to Red Robin for bottom-less fries and gluten-free burgers. It was so freaking good.

"allergy burger"

my gluten-free, dairy-free “allergy burger”


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