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WIAW – January 30

I thought I would jump right into things with a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Today ended up being meat-less, and was almost vegan until I grabbed some eggs for a snack.

Breakfast was a tasty smoothie with vanilla coconut milk, coconut yogurt, spinach, avocado, hemp seeds, and frozen berries.

2013-01-30 07.23.532013-01-30 07.28.142013-01-30 07.33.23

and, of course, coffee! (Also, wind-blown walk-to-work hair…don’t judge me!)

Picture 39

Lunch was cauliflower rice with nutritional yeast and assorted veggies (mushroom, onion, asparagus, and sweet potato). Not pictured: more coffee…

2013-01-30 12.16.37

Dinner was spaghetti squash with puttanesca sauce, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower mashed potatoes.

2013-01-30 21.22.58

today’s snacks:

2013-01-30 09.46.412013-01-30 14.06.072013-01-30 18.12.53

The egg snack was the only thing that kept me from aimlessly wandering Whole Foods while trying to figure out what I needed to buy!

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The view outside my window

St. Louis is on the cusp of one of its famous weather roller coasters. Today is all doom and gloom, but it smells like spring. It’s also currently 63 degrees out, but it will be 30 by the end of the week 😦

2013-01-29 10.56.05